Ways to Fix the Data Science Talent Shortage No One Will Tell You

Ways to Fix the Data Science Talent Shortage No One Will Tell You


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The most job-promising and high-paying salary field is known as the data science industry. Many institutes, colleges, and universities produce a huge number of data science graduates, but there is a problem in demand and supply chain. However, Al and machine learning leverage data science operation, but this is not the right solution. At certain levels, companies need to hire professionals who can understand and address their problems. Some harsh realities come into mind when we listen to data scientists’ talent shortage. Let’s understand how companies and colleges fix the shortage of talent in data science industry.

Increasing Demand of Data Scientist:

LinkedIn, which is known as the social media site for business professionals and employment employees, ranked data science as the most job-promising field for the year of 2019. The ranking is based on the number of job openings, salaries and growth by year. There will be more data scientists jobs are expected to open for this year. But why is there a huge shortfall of talented professionals? How can authorities overcome the shortage of talent? Here we bring some suggestions. Let’s understand.

 Higher expectation for entry-level data scientists

According to Burning Glass report, 42% of data scientists require a master’s degree or higher education. However, Automation takes over some parts of a data scientist’s job, but the organization contentiously needs skilled people. Companies looking to hire a lower-paying data analyst profile that requires some experience. On the other hand, they hire highly–paying data scientists who can solve and address specific business problems. However, a graduate in data science can land on their dream job, but the field is still promising. The data scientist’s role will grow about 15% in 2019-2020, much better than other occupations, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.  After gaining some data analytics experience, switch to a pure data scientist job because now you have great exposure to machine learning and solving problems.

Provide essential training to current employees

To gain a professional skilled workforce, companies can provide training to their in-house employees.  In a tight labor market where companies face demand and supply imbalance, companies can take initials to provide training to their technical employees to get potential workers. By developing training programs, companies can gain professionals with data science skills and they don’t need to hire more workforce.

Work with higher education

Companies and organizations should establish bridges between data science students and workplace. There are many best institutes for data science in Hyderabad and other Indian cities so that companies can take benefits of their presence. Companies should ally with data science training institutes in Hyderabad and other cities and get suitable talent from campus recruiting strategies.

Look for people who want transition in career

Data science a purely technical field and requires a combination of some technical and non-technical skills. The increasingly high demand of data science people from non-technical backgrounds want to get into this lucrative field. A professional who has working experience as a software programmer or has business management experience and wants to change their career path could be a good choice for data science field. At least they have working experience and communication skills to deal with a business acumen which is another essential part of a data scientist’s job. After facilitating them with a data science training program, these transitional candidates become proves an asset to their new employees.

Leverage mentorships to aspiring new talent

Many companies have plenty of data professionals working in-house. Companies can take advantage of their experience and appreciate them to leverage mentorship programs to new talent. With the mentorship program’s help, experienced professionals can educate fresher about the atmosphere in working places and facilitate them to understand the coming challenges.

Support community and focus on diversity

Some companies want to find a suitable candidate from other communities or choose a candidate from different background. In this way, they create a surplus pool of suitable candidates who can acquire data science skills if someone guides them. By supporting communities of various occupations, it becomes possible to generate a wider community of data scientists, so the next generation will take the benefits and explore new opportunities.

Data science industry response create a shortage

Universities designed degree programs for data scientists, categorized in data analytics, machine learning and data science. Many computer science students now learning machine learning skills as part of their course. But this is not enough to address the shortage of talent. Colleges and institutes can’t teach Data science curriculum in few weeks. They need to take proper training and skills, so there is a need for more institutes and colleges that can help to provide training to students with technical skills.

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